Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues

It is a great pleasure to announce the "Molecular Genetics & Gene Therapy" Meeting 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand February 26-28. The program features giants in the field and new ways to approach the human genome in many disciplines both peripheral and central. As a neuroscientist involved in "Psychiatric Genetics" I am proud to be on the organizing committee of this important frontier in medicine. From my restricted interest I believe that this meeting will touch upon a new way to look at all addictive, obsessive and compulsive behaviors including substance and process addictions, personality and spectrum disorders. In this regard my original Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) embraced by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) in the new definition of addiction has appeared in the Microsoft dictionary, the Gates Mental Health encyclopedia and SGAE Abnormal Psychology Encyclopedia (2017) and has been researched globally in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles.

The meeting will provide a platform for understanding of the commonality of brain function in substance and non-substance addictive behaviors. Exploration of the resting state functionality of the entire brain reward circuitry and associated extended networks providing the basis for a remarkable list of addictive behaviors that share common brain mechanisms. Those mechanisms that include Prefrontal Cortices and memory, decision making, global cognition, are being elucidated in thousands of neuroimaging reports worldwide and novel CNS related gene therapy approaches. This seemingly diverse group of substances and non-substance behaviors, such as pathological gaming, overeating, dysfunctional sexual activity amongst others, fetter billions of people.

We welcome participants from all over the world to learn the most important molecular genetic and gene therapy research. We encourage participation from both bench and bedside that promise to deliver well researched and sound minded work from a multidisciplinary community of academicians (basic science) and professionals (clinical science) alike. The members of the Organizing Committee reach out to anyone interested in this explosive filed of medicine. The meeting will feature special Keynote lectures from diverse well versed scientists globally. Each submitted abstract will be given appropriate attention and accepted only after rigorous peer review.

As a member of the organizing committee, I am honored to represent the people behind such an important endeavor and embrace not only biologically based science but the overall spirit of all the organizers. So join us and become part of an effort to explore the molecular genetics and gene therapy in the 21st century. Take part in work towards a world class “blueprint” for redeeming joy by making a life free from the pain of all diseases through a better understanding of all aspects of our genome.

Warm regards
Kenneth Blum
Professor Emeritus, University of Florida College of Medicine, USA